Footsteps Of A Tree

The Rosario Red

Walking down from a days hiking to the top of El Chaltén in Patagonian, Argentina I had one if those moments that you just don’t expect or can believe.

I’d walked up there in my Nottingham Forest shirt, not sure why I’d put it on that morning – I just had. The trek had been hard going, particularly towards the top but we were close to getting back and I was looking forward to some dinner and obviously a beer.

We were walking along a fairly open stretch of path by the side of Laguna Capri when I spotted a tall figure wearing a black coat walking towards me. As he paced closer, I realised he was wearing a managers style jacket with an unmistakable team motif on it…

Now I need to say at this point that whilst the Argentines love their football, you hardly ever see any foreign football shirts worn. It trends to be the local sides, with a good percentage being Boca Juniors and River Plate. This is a good thing, you should always support your local side in my book – unlike half of London.

With this in mind, I could not believe my eyes when I realised that the character walking towards me was wearing a Nottingham Forest managers jacket complete with unmistakable tricky tree. Official mechanise and everything! I went mental and he was in amazement to see a Forest shirt on his shores.

The Argentine Red

The Argentine Red

Turns out his dad had travelled England in the 1960’s and spent time in Nottingham, becoming a Forest Fan and on his return back to the city of Rosario, Argentina had brought his son up a red! (I resisted mentioning Bob Rosario at that point). The 50 something year old bloke in front of me was that son. Brilliant!

Of the few English shirts I’ve seen over here since November they have either been fake Manchester United (that’s fairly standard worldwide), Manchester City with “Aaggguuarro!!!” on the back of it and the one random dirty Chelsea smile shirt.

Given that showing from English teams I’m taking the sighting of “Bob” the Rosario Red to mean that morally we are back in the big 4. Great stuff, you reds! Psycho is our leader.


  1. Matty B

    Absolute awesome that is the dogs! Tell that fella he’s welcome in A block any day of the week an I’m buying! Currently watching Brighton v Yeovil need it stay 0-0 or Yeovil nick one. X

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