Footsteps Of A Tree

“We argue, we don’t fight”

Road Music – Disc#4
If You Wait by London Grammar

We opened our camper van doors to a morning of sun, a cold breeze and pink flamingos! The latter were taking breakfast on Laguna Nimez, the shores of which had been our home for the night.



After lunch we headed out of El Calafate on Ruta 11 on a mission to see some bloody big ice in the form of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Given our destination I thought we needed some “chilled” music so we hit play on London Grammar’s debut album If You Wait.

Now I’m claiming London Grammar as a Nottingham band. They are – sort of. The band members all went to university in Nottingham and their first gig was at the Bag’o’Nails on Lenton Boulevard. An establishment that I used to spend my student loan beer tokens in when I was at university at Nottingham Trent.

From the starting track Hey Now this album is classy, sultry goodness. Beautifully sung throughout by Hannah Reid. A voice that has an underlying bass tone that is not familiar and draws your attention.

Stretching out in front, and behind

Stretching out in front, and behind

With the amazingly turquoise Lago Argentino at our side and Ruta 11 stretching out in front of us. The relaxed nature of it all matched this album perfectly.
Click Image to Hear - If You Wait

Click Image to Hear – If You Wait

Stay Awake, Wasting My Young Years, the smooth High Life are all top tracks. There are also some tip towing piano pieces on this album that make you wish you were still taking lessons…

With the glacial wind barking at us and the snow capped mountains some how now around us rather than in our sights, we entered the national park. The road became wiggly and drizzle began to hit our window screen. With the closing album tracks as sophisticated as the first, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the valley below and we could nearly see the pot of gold at each end. What a great little journey, what a great little album.

Favourite Track – 7.Night Call

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