Footsteps Of A Tree

A window of opportunity

As we summited the main view-point of Torres Del Paine with virtually clear blue skies and bright sunshine we realised how lucky we had been.

On its shores

On its shores

Before our arrival the park had been closed due to horrendous conditions on the mountain passes and as it transpired would close again 3 days later due to heavy snow. With little planning, and without really knowing, we had a window of opportunity and we made the most of it.
Happy as a pig in mud

Happy as a pig in mud

With its unmistakable cathedral-like spires, Torres Del Paine has a real wow factor from a distance as you enter the national park. But viewing them close to their summit, under a still and almost entrancing emerald green lake (particularly on a day like we had) is just an image that you take and hold for all time.
Got there!

Got there!

I love my walking and trekking and ever since we decided to travel South America I wanted to get up Torres Del Paine. My savings pot for coming away had a picture on it of those spires and to be standing in front of them made all the sacrifice of upping sticks go away. I wanted to claim that mountain and I did, Nottingham flag and all!
Under the goal

Under the goal

We had two other days in the park before the weather closed in again. A wander around Lago Nordenskjöld and an extremely wind-swept trek to Glacier Grey which required taking a rather choppy return boat ride to the start of the route – I wasn’t a fan in either direction. Both great days and made all the better as we were joined again by our friends Stefan and Birgit – ridiculously complicated Austrian card games and all!
Making our way

Making our way

But for me the best time was getting up to see the top of Torres Del Paine, a well trodden but demanding walk that only had only three missing ingredients, my mate Woolly, his hip flask and some good Scottish whiskey.


  1. Stephen Salloway

    Absolutely spectacular Marco. Great snaps – your photographic prowess is clearly in the ascendancy!

    • Loving it mate! The camera and lens is working out brilliantly but with scenery like this it’s difficult not to get a good shoot to be honest! Not even I can mess it up! Patagonia is simply amazing.

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