Footsteps Of A Tree

“Tell me lies… Tell me sweet little lies”

Road Music – Disc#3
Greatest Hits by Fleetwood Mac.

We had already seen some amazing wildness in Southern Patagonia but it was about to get really special as we headed out of Puerto Natales on Ruta 9 – destination Torres Del Paine.

On the move

On the move

As we departed, the new year excitement and an anticipation of life to come on the road caused me to flick through my iPhone to choose some road music. I don’t no why but my finger landed on ‘F’ and Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits. I clicked play and we were off on an adventure to a place I’d never seen before, listening to an album I’d somehow never heard.
Following the beast

Following the beast

From the initial track of “Rhiannon” – with Stevie Nicks wobbly beautiful voice – it went perfectly with the scene being painted out in front of us. I have very fond memories of following our friends gritty blacked out Nissan Patrol across the landscape with a soundtrack of epic songs, most of which were new to me. I’m embarrassed to say that as a music lover I should have know far more than “Go your own way”. They just never hit my radar before – they are now though!
Torres in our sights

Torres in our sights

Click Image to Hear - Greatest Hits

Click Image to Hear – Greatest Hits

For me, there’s something about the second incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, the lyrics and the way their delivered by Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie are mesmerisingly beautiful. As the road went from Tarmac to dirt, the lakes more blue and with roadside guanacos showing little interest in us the tracks kept coming.

I’m a big fan of “Little Lies”, “Seven Wonders” and “Everywhere”. Also the live version of “Big Love” is just brilliant. Their summer time ‘top off’ the Triumph Stag tracks. If you don’t know what I mean by that, rent a convertible, throw the top down on and stick this album on. This is road trip music and by the end of my first play the unmistakable snow capped peeks of Torres del Paine were in sight.

Favourite Track: 11. Little Lies

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