Footsteps Of A Tree

Recovering from Fernet & Coke

It was essential over the festive period to balance the effects of the toxic South American concoction of Fernet and Coke with a little exercise. So it transpired that the town of Puerto Natales in southern Chile formed a perfect 4 mile ish circuit for road-running.

Some time earlier...

Some time earlier…

It was the first day of 2014. We had celebrated New Year’s Eve with some things that were familiar to us and some things that were new. Nearly all were good! Real ale from this side of the world and cheesy chips that tasted like they were from Hooters. For some reason new year was singled with the dj throwing on some Euro poppy dance music that I understand is described over here as “punchy punchy”. It made an interesting change to old langs which we sang anyway. Back to running off the hangover…

From our campsite, I headed down the hill to the harbour area. Here the universal code of South American ‘we’ll get around to finishing it one day’ project management applied as the waterside path appeared, disappeared and threaten to appear in equal measures. It will be beautiful when they get round to finishing it… mañana mañana!

Not feeling fresh

Not feeling fresh

I rose from the water front towards the a main avenue which wraps around the east and north of the town. Here on several occasions I seemed to attract the disbelieving and somewhat intoxicated glances of locals staggering and swaying their way home from the new year celebrations. I had been out too… just not as long as them!
Swimming very much optional

Swimming very much optional

As seagulls swooped in front of me – intrigued by my progress – I headed back down to the harbour area past verges of lupin and houses still playing new year tunes. Here couples were strolling off the festivities and azure but chilly pacific lapped to my right where a statue of a pair of swimming drivers encouraged the activity furthest from my thoughts.

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