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Road Music – Disc#2

The 1975 by The 1975.

One the great things about driving around in your own motor is of course that you have a stereo to blare out the sounds. As such, from Punta Arenas we plunged our newly collected Wicked Camper-van south – on route to Ushuaia – and immediately set about getting tunes selected to accompany the epic roads this journey offered.

On The Border

On The Border

A period that lives with me is the stretch of road immediately south of the San Sebastian border crossing into Argentina, on the way to a bush camp spot on sea front promenade at Rio Grande. The road on the Chilean side of the border had been wash board dreadful but the Argentines had sorted their Ruta 3 – tarmac, flowing curves and a setting sun accompanied by the somewhat 1980’s sounding The 1975 and their album of the same name.

The 1975 had been one of the last bands we saw at Rock City in Nottingham before we left England and despite a dodgy aux cable alternating the sound in the van from stereo to mono at a drop of a hat, their easy going softy rock rang out across Terra Del Fuego

Click Image to Hear - The 1975

Click Image to Hear – The 1975

Now it should be said here that The 1975 and their floppy haired lead singer, Matthew Healy, are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if like me, you grew up in the 1980’s and on your summer holidays danced in the kids room to songs like Starship’s “Nothing’s Going to Stop us Now” or Whitney Houston’s (god bless her) “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” then I guarantee there will be something inside you that likes this band. Don’t lie to yourself just embrace it, cheesy lyrics and all! Actually I have to say that watching them live, they sound much better than on the album. Less produced and very tight, just like their skinny jeans – which incidentally i wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting in a pair of.

Favourite Song: Track 5: Sex


  1. Great being able to share your travels Marc …sounds wonderful. We are off to Zante in July where Paul is getting married to Ness ! Take care x

  2. Zosh

    Love following your travels. Glad you’re having an amazing time. You’re music medleys are throwing me back to some good long ago memories! Xx

    • Glad your loving it me duck. Loads more stories heading your way now I’m back in the land of wifi – which happens also to an earthquake zone! It’s all gravy though! Keep dancing to the road music…

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