Footsteps Of A Tree

“Mind the Gap, Mind your Head”

Road Music – Disc#1
Behind the Music by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

As we rumbled, jarred and sometimes hissed our way through the interior of Uruguay on buses resembling the one from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ that Del and Rodney had a Jolly boys outing on – I decided it was time for some music.

Heading to the back roads

Heading to the back roads

With gauchos (most with fantastic beret’s and long moustaches) herding cattle in the road verges and waving with interest at the lightly occupied bus – set amongst a back drop of giant mole hills of fields of lush grass – what better road music than The Soundtrack Of Our Lives?

Now I suspect most of you are saying wwwhhhhooo?? Well, this is turn of the century British indie music at its best – but bizarrely by a Swedish band!! On 15th September 2002 I went with 3 best mates to see Oasis play ‘Lancashire Country Cricket Club’, (stringently avoiding any reference to the Manchester City fans’ arch rivals, Manchester United) and the bill was top – Oasis, Richard Ashcroft, The Electric Soft Parade and the band that started proceedings was The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

First on the bill, before Soundtrack’s came out Noel Gallagher strode out on stage and proclaimed to the masses that they were about to see the best band in the world – he didn’t mean Oasis later that day – he meant the Swedish bunch about to come on wearing face masks the same as their Album cover.

Click Image to Hear - Behind The Music

Click Image to Hear – Behind The Music

In my drunken memories of the event I recall Soundtrack’s stole the show that cloudy September day. They basically played most of this album – Behind The Music – brilliantly and it should sit in any indie music lovers cd, iPod or whatever collections we own these days. Late Beatles psychedelic riffs, rhythms that remind you of songs that you love and lyrics that you’ll remember for ever. A prefect a compliment for a Uruguayan roller coaster bus trip to Melo… Or anywhere really. Enjoy if you’ve never heard it before, remind yourself of the magic if you have….

Favourite Track: 4. Mind The Gap

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