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Fin Del Mundo – King of Crab!

Over Christmas we headed to what the Argentines call the end of the world – Ushuaia. The guide books suggested that a steady 18 degrees could be expected with a bit of sunshine. Oh how they were wrong! It was Baltic! Proper cold. In fact it actually snowed for a time on Christmas Day! Yeah a white Christmas! I think we would have celebrated if we hadn’t been rather cold in Elvis our camper van! I was ‘forced’ to drink through it…

Where's the Sun Marc?

Where’s the Sun Marc?

We stayed on a great camp site on the edge of town which hosted a wonderful bring your own steak Asado by the owner on Christmas Eve – which the Argentines celebrate as we would Christmas Day dinner. There was some great trekking in the nearby Tierra Del Fuego National Park and also around Laguna Esmeralda to the north. It was real end of the earth scenery, plus there were Beavers!! Although unfortunately we couldn’t catch a sighting – but we did see a crack fox!
Crack Fox

Crack Fox

However, by far the biggest treat was a boat trip out into the Bahia de Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel to see the landmark lighthouse and around the islands in the bay. It was a top day and capped by my first ever taste of King Crab. We went to a wonderful Chilean restaurant just off the harbour as recommended by the Argentine guide from our boat trip. She had admitted that we should avoid all the Argentine restaurants and go for Chilean spice! She was so right!
The best crab in the world... Ever!

The best crab in the world… Ever!

I don’t think it will ever beaten, so I’m never going to try! Crab is a once only deal for me. Here are some of our favorite images of the time we spent in Fin del Mundo.


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