Footsteps Of A Tree

By The Fire

In Patagonia, on the days when it rains and it’s cold – which we found even in the high of summer can be frequent – there’s nothing better than huddling next to a wood burner, starting a fire, drying off wood on the top of the iron and passing the afternoon with a pack of cards and warming drink (preferably alcoholic!).

The stove is our friend

The stove is our friend

There’s some beautifully warm days in Patagonia but it can drop cold, icy cold, and throw it down with rain in a blink. And then there’s the wind, which can find the smallest defect in your settler and invade the air with a chill that takes an age to rectify.
"Do you like Baileys...?'

“Do you like Baileys…?’

Given this, when the weathers grey best stay away from from venturing out as you probably won’t see what you want to or get blown off the hillside trying to get there. The argentines would probably have a matte, in the words of Old Gregg – I had a “smooth and creamy” baileys.


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