Footsteps Of A Tree

Stray dogs and a morning surprise

Adding the miles in Punta Del Diablo has been more of an assault course than road running. Particularly when you find that the stray pup ‘rocky’ taken in by the French owners of our cabana decided to leave a little bit of “Rocky Road” in my nikes before my run one morning, little Sod!

I’ve been doing a circuit of the town, probably about 3.5 miles – twice around on the more adventurous and cooler mornings. The roads are dirt and git and heavily potholed, no pavements but then there’s very little ‘normal’ traffic. The route took me down to the beach and along the frontage of the town and up the main thoroughfare to the bus terminus and round through the woodland lined roads back to the start.

I say assault course at the start of this instalment because what traffic there was consisted of either stray dogs or wagons full of building materials from the local merchant. The first would pursue me in packs down the road, seeming nipping at my heels and trying to trip me up (they succeeded a couple of times – I looked a joke!). The second appear to be incapable of keeping building materials in them and there were a few near misses as timber rolled down the road! Both these obstacles seemed to combine on the hardest part of the run up through the town to bus terminus which made it interesting and made for some good interval training!

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