Footsteps Of A Tree

Unfinished Business

Don’t read this as me having regrets but as we departed Buenos Aires by ferry from Boca to Uruguay, I couldn’t help but think I have unfinished business with the city. It is no doubt a wonderful place and we’ve met some fantastic people but it frustrates and excites in equal measures, particularly for a (currently) non-Spanish speaker. I want to come back one day towards the end of our travels and tackle it, take it on, understand its idiosyncrasies, find the hidden gems.

We’ve been tourists here, we’ve been to Spainish school and seen the sights but I don’t think I understand the place as much I thought I would. I’d like understand it more. Leaving the place has given me more determination to learn Spanish and immerse myself in the culture and life this vast Latin world can offer.

The following photos are a few – of the many – memories of our time in the city.

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