Footsteps Of A Tree

No keys!!!

How do I feel as we set off on our big adventure? Nervous, excited, emotional…. .

On the way to the way to train station, leaving Nottingham for the last time in a long time, we popped into my office to drop a few final bits off. Turning away from something you have worked very hard for was always going to be difficult. I’ve had the most wonderful time over the last 6.5 years with work. Starting, growing and nurturing a property business, in the depths of a very difficult commercial market has been a real challenge, but immensely rewarding. I will miss my friends at work very much but I know the rewards of the experience will stand me in good stead for the travels to come. Leaving the office and posting my keys through the letter box I was my usual soppy self but feel proud of what has been achieved to date and excited for what is to come for those now involved.

And then it hit me on the walk out of Cottage Terrace, on to the Ropewalk, past ‘The Park’ tunnel and down by the Playhouse …..we had no keys! Now I know exactly what those who know me are saying at this point…. ‘No Keys? Ballard’s always loosing them!’ Yes I agree, but this time I’m definitely not going to find them. My usual jailers set of flat, work, car and god knows what else accrued over the years was gone. It’s a weird feeling to know that you don’t have access to somewhere to work, live, something to drive. Does it mean I can no longer open doors? Access things? Strangely no, it seems to mean I have access to the whole of South America! Opening doors with no keys, I feel like the magician Dynamo or something!

Written sat watching Django Unchained on the first leg of our plane journey about two hours north east of Toronto, over Labrador City.



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