Footsteps Of A Tree

And we awoke to this…

I was racing all day with nerves and anticipation of what was to come. We departed Nottingham with a wonderful farewell from my very special grandparents. I take their images and love with me where ever I go. We arrived at Heathrow for an excitable lunch with the Taylor’s (plus 1) and then made our way through departures unbelievably easy, it seems England is glad to see the back of me! Then we were airborne. Our route took us via Toronto and then down to Buenos Aires via a short stop in Santiago. Strangely after getting on the plane I felt relaxed and ready for the fun times to come. Maybe the combination of a multitude of Molson Coors cans and the old ‘John McClane – make fists with your toes’ trick was working! But the night flight from Toronto was long and restless, however as I opened the window blind for the first time the reward became clear very quickly, the snow topped Andes stretching out before us. What a sight to announce our entry to South America. I was just hoping they would be kind enough to let us stay a while!!!!











  1. World in Words

    I’ll be following this avidly 😉

    Sorry we weren’t there to give you another big send off but looks like you had a bloody great one! Stay safe xx

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